Greenford Church of England VC Primary School

The Church of England

Our Curriculum Vision

At Greenford Church of England Primary School, we have designed an enquiry led, knowledge engaged curriculum that aims to be irresistible and ambitious and equips all our children for life-long learning and adventure, within their own community and the world beyond.



Carefully planned opportunities aim to inspire a love of learning, promoting positive learning behaviours and helping all our children to grow as confident and ambitious individuals who are resilient and ready to succeed in an ever changing world.

Through the curriculum, all our children will have the opportunity to become the best communicators, innovators, creators, designers and performers they can be. They will learn about the wonders of the world around them. They will learn about themselves as human beings, their place within their community and the world beyond and begin to understand the positive impact they can have on their own lives, the lives of others and the world in which they live. At Greenford Primary, we firmly believe that every child can master an understanding and love of mathematics. All our children are taught Maths for mastery through an inclusive and transformative approach, which helps every child to develop a deep, long-term and adaptable understanding of mathematics.

With every child in mind, our broad and balanced intended curriculum has been designed to be…


 Purposeful and Progressive


A skillfully chosen and sequenced curriculum, allows our children to make connections and embed and explore in greater depth, the skills and knowledge they have been taught in equal measure.  Across the curriculum, the acquisition of skills and knowledge is progressively built upon to ensure they are reinforced, developed in a range of contexts, retained in the long-term memory and used effectively so that they continually know more, remember more and do more.   Hand in hand with a strong focus on the cultural capital remaining tailored to their relevant needs, our pupils are equipped to lead a successful, happy, well-rounded life during each stage at Greenford Primary and in their future endeavours.

Immersive and Inspiring


Placing our child at the centre of curriculum decisions, we aim to capitalise on their interests and provide experiences beyond the classroom, that not only enrich learning but also develop pupils' sense of character and well-being.  Rich and vibrant subject planning and learning environments are used as a stimulus to enhance the children’s senses.  This gives life to exciting experiences, such as outdoor learning, forest school, external visitors, trips and themed days and weeks. Meaningful links are made with our local environment and local history so that pupils appreciate and respect the community they live in.  All of this allows our learners to be fully engaged and motivated and therefore best placed to always move forward in their learning.

Ambitious and Challenging 


Built on the knowledge and understanding of our pupils’ and their needs, regardless of starting point, all of our children will gain relevant skills and knowledge that will enable them to thrive in their academic and personal success within the academy and in the wider world.


     Curriculum Implementation

At Greenford Primary, in order to achieve the ambitious aims we set for our children, we implement our curriculum in the following ways:



  • All our learning is underpinned by our Christian values of: Respect, Courage, Perseverance, Friendship, Forgiveness and Tolerance
  • All staff work together to ensure that teaching and learning takes place, in a fully inclusive environment ,where everyone feels safe, respected and valued as unique individuals
  • Teaching and learning is set within a stimulating environment and delivered by inspiring staff committed to supporting each child to be successful and reach their full potential
  • Learning is coherently planned and sequenced through discreet teaching of each subject, to ensure progression and continuity across the school
  • A 'Big Question' forms the starting point for enquiry based learning in each new area of study; promoting critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication
  • All children have regular opportunities to work both collaboratively and independently, where they are supported to develop resilience, become self-reflective learners and feel confident to rise to new challenges
  • WOW Days and Experiences are planned during each topic, to stimulate curiosity and promote engagement in the new learning
  • Additional Creative Curriculum Days are carefully planned throughout the year, to further enrich curriculum knowledge and skills
  • Enriched extra-curricular activities and experiences are planned for all children to access as part of the "GreenfordB412" Programme - this presents all our children with opportunities that go beyond the National Curriculum.  Children record their experiences during their time at Greenford, in their Enrichment Passport 


 Curriculum Impact


We believe that all our children at Greenford possess unique talents, skills and qualities. As such, they have the right to succeed, the right to recognise their own greatness and the right to develop who they are in a respectful and nurturing environment. Our school ethos and the curriculum we have designed, are firmly rooted in our values with a love of learning being the foundation of everything we do, so that we really are ‘Growing Together. Preparing for Life.'

All our children make progress by knowing more, remembering more and being able to do more. They will be able to transfer and embed key concepts into their long-term memory and apply them fluently.

We measure and monitor the impact of our curriculum in the following ways:


  • We routinely assess against National Curriculum objectives, and where appropriate, using our bespoke ‘Big Ideas’ outcomes.
  • Opportunities for children to continually engage and respond on ‘Big Idea’ concepts will provide teachers with an insight into the links that children can make across current and past learning.
  • Subject leaders, who are specialists in their field, will conduct pupil voice activities to identify how successfully children can apply their knowledge of the curriculum to wider ‘Big Idea’ discussions.
  • Teachers assessing children’s understanding of topic linked concepts at regular intervals, throughout sequences of learning through regular ‘Smart Flashbacks’.
  • Regular pupil voice exercises using evidence, when available, where children are challenged to recall their knowledge and discuss composite skills that they have been learning about in current, recent and previous learning.
  • For specific units of work, our monitor, review, evaluate and implement cycle identifies which children are not meeting the expected standards and areas of the curriculum/teaching that require further development by subject leaders and teachers.
  • Triangulation between the subject leader’s vision, implementation by the teacher and the resulting children’s development of knowledge and skills.
  • Moderation and pupil progress staff meetings where pupil’s books are scrutinised and there is the opportunity for a dialogue between teachers to reflect and compare their class’s work, identifying next steps in teaching and learning.
  • Annual reporting of standards across the curriculum.
  • Marking of written work in books.