Greenford Church of England VC Primary School

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As Musicians…

Our children will:

  • have access to high-quality, practical, and engaging musical experiences.
  • develop the self-confidence, skills, knowledge, and understanding to develop a lifelong love of music, whilst also providing a secure foundation that enables them to take music further should they wish to.



Music Knowledge and Skills

Curriculum Statement

Progression of Skills

Policies and Documents

Music National Curriculum

Model Music Curriculum

 Learning Links

 Practise our Ising Pop Collective Worship songs at home.

Ising Pop Videos

Listen to all sorts of people all over the country making different kinds of music on zoom.

Instructions are given to show you how to choose music and use the computer keyboard to play tunes on the virtual piano keyboard by following the letters.

Using a grid you can add your own percussion and melodic loops to create styles such as hip hop or techno. Have fun experimenting. Each stage and element of music is clearly explained.

Have fun with a variety of activities in which you can experiment with different ways of making sounds and music. You can compose songs and melodies, rhythmic patterns with percussion sounds, and explore electronic sounds. You can even create your own piece of sound art in the style of Kandinsky.


Music In Action