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We currently use the curriculum framework from Coram life, called SCARF, this is supported by a yearly visit from the Life Education Van.  SCARF provides the framework for a whole-school approach to improving children’s well-being and progress, based on five values:  






SCARF provides a whole-school teaching framework centred on the ‘Growth Mindset’ approach – promoting positive behaviour, mental health, well-being, resilience and achievement.  The SCARF values are brought to life through stories of Harold the giraffe and his friends, songs, films, and thought-provoking and fun activities.  As children get older, while they still cherish Harold, themes about well-being and relationships are explored in greater depth and resources are tailored to their age group. 

SCARF provides a strong foundation for children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC) and development; it is at the heart of the SCARF curriculum.  SCARF provides a robust framework for promoting a positive ethos and values cross the school community, contributing significantly to British Values education, both explicitly and implicitly.

The focus across the three themes of:

* Health and Well-being
* Relationships
* Living in the Wider World

These themes help foster and develop children’s responsibility for their own actions; respect for the actions and beliefs of others; an understanding of how each individual is protected by the rule of law; and how everyone can make a positive contribution to society through the democratic process.

Throughout the course of the year the PHSE curriculum is enhanced through participation in:

* Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

* TRIP: a life skills programme which aims to equip and prepare young people for adolescence

* Whole school awareness days/weeks, e.g. Anti-Bullying Week, Children’s Mental Health Week etc.

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