Greenford Church of England VC Primary School

The Church of England


As learners of Religious Education...

Our children will: 

  • be offered opportunities for personal reflection and development.
  • be encouraged to explore their own beliefs (whether they are religious or not), ideas, feelings, experiences and values in the light of what they learn.
  • be encouraged to develop empathy and respect for the right of others to hold different beliefs, values and ideas.
  • develop their own sense of identity and belonging.
  • develop an aptitude for dialogue so that they can participate positively in our society with its diverse religious and non-religious worldviews.
  • be encouraged to have a nuanced and informed understanding of political, social and moral issues that they will need to face as they grow up in an increasingly globalised world.
  • be helped to deal positively with controversial issues, to manage strongly held differences of belief and to challenge stereotypes and prejudice.



Religious Education Knowledge and Skills

Curriculum Statement

Progression of Skills and Knowledge for Discovery R.E

Progression of Skills and Knowledge for Understanding Christianity

Progression document for Collective Worship-Autumn 2023

Policies and Documents

Statement of Entitlement for Church Schools

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