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Therapeutic Thinking at Greenford

A whole school approach to supporting positive relationships and wellbeing



We are on an exciting journey to embed Therapeutic Thinking approaches to support positive relationships and wellbeing at Greenford. This initiative mirrors many of the school’s existing support strategies and ethos and fits with our school vision of ‘Growing Together – Preparing for Life’

Having completed a training programme and reviewed our behaviour policy; which is now referred to as our, “Therapeutic Relationship and Wellbeing Policy’, we are now embarking on fully implementing our therapeutic approaches across the school.


What is Therapeutic Thinking?


Therapeutic Thinking is a whole school cultural approach that focuses on improving the educational experiences and outcomes for all children.  Children are part of an inclusive culture built on the respect and celebration of individuals which promotes confidence and high self-esteem for all and supports their emotional wellbeing and mental health.


  • Children are supported and encouraged to build strong relationships with their teachers and classmates
  • The learning experiences of all children are improved due to the needs of individual learners being met
  • Staff model the therapeutic values and children are encouraged to become kind, accepting, honest and tolerant young people
  • The achievements and contributions of all children are recognised and celebrated
  • The individual talents and skills of each child are valued by the school, their teachers and peers
  • All children are provided with the opportunities to become self-motivated and curious learners setting them up for succeeding both in their education and throughout life
  • Children are part of an inclusive culture built on the respect and celebration of individuals which promotes confidence and high self-esteem for all.

The Greenford Therapeutic Team


We have a wonderful Therapeutic Team that supports our children, alongside a pupil led-group which was established and set up by a group of children with a particular interest in supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Our Therapeutic Staff Team is made up of:

Mrs Higgins: Head Teacher

Miss Attwell:  Assistant Head and SENDCO: Therapeutic Thinking Lead

Miss Barlow: Year 3 Class Teacher: Therapeutic Thinking Lead

Mrs Carver: ELSA

Mrs Cussons / Mrs Benham and Miss Arnold: Teaching Assistants and Midday Supervisors  

Some members of the Therapeutic Team can work alongside children in their classroom, give them reassurance and help children access their learning in smaller parts or give them regular movement or sensory breaks. They can also support them with additional pastoral care and emotional regulation strategies to help them manage big feelings, points of conflict and how they interact with others – this is particularly important during more unstructured social times such as playtimes.


Therapeutic Thinking and Well-Being Policy